Most people are shied-away from learning Tarot because they believe that there is nothing “special” about them.

         Somehow they think that only a born psychic can accurately read Tarot cards. This is a nonsense! It is a nonsense for the simple fact that anyone can read the Tarot, if they want to.

         We all have the ability to tune in and develop our intuition. Now, what differs between a conscious psychic and the rest of us is exactly that: “conscious”. That is because only some people are truly tuned in with their intuition. They pay attention to it, they listen to it, and they do not let anything – prejudices, preconceptions, dogmas – get in the way. They are fully conscious of their intuition and they proudly own it!

         So, how do we tune in with our intuition? Well, there is some work to be done. Some steps, in fact, are very simple, but they need our dedication and focus nonetheless.

         I would suggest as a great starter for travelling that spiritual path, the books of author Eckhart Tolle. Spirituality does not have to conflict with religions. In fact, if done correctly, any religion can be a wonderful open door to a spiritual path.

         Spirituality means a lot of different things to different people. I will stick to this meaning: A path to connect personally and directly to something bigger than us, which brings a sense of well-being and peace. It is a journey, in the sense that some people will develop it throughout their lives, if they want to. That journey is called awakening.

    So, can we learn to have intuition? No. We all already have it. All of us have the seed of spiritual growth in us. What we need is to really know that that seed has always been right there inside us. We just need to listen to it and allow it to grow. In other words, we can develop our intuition, if we want to.