This year is going to be different! All those previously unfulfilled New Year’s resolutions – the weight that wasn’t drop, the money that wasn’t gained, the Christmas cards which weren’t sent – will finally be ticked off the goals-of-the-year list.

You have matured, and now you are one more year wiser! The challenges you faced previously had great lessons in them. What have you learned? To let go? To detach? To be patient? Or was it to learn about acceptance? Was it maybe about your self-worth? Did you learn how to stand up for yourself? Truly love and respect yourself? What was your lesson?

Positive energy is pouring onto Earth, reaching out as a mother’s open arms to those who want her embrace. We have come so far as a species in awakening. We have overcome so many different periods of darkness in our History, and so many difficult times in our personal life! But now the light of consciousness spreads to bring us up a level as a groups; and as each individual.

You have gone through so much and, also learned so much. It is time to shed the unnecessary in your life. I know you are ready to do so! It is time to sail new waters, discover new lands. Have the courage to start that new business, or take that expensive course. Have the courage to change your profession, or call that special person. Have the courage to drop the ones who are no longer in your life. Why are you afraid of true happiness? Do you think yourself not worth of it? Are you addicted to sadness, and drama, and confusion? Wouldn’t you know who you are without them? I tell you: you would be YOU! And if you do not know who that person is, make it 2019 your goal to find out. There is nothing more precious to be invested in than YOU!

2019 is going to be an amazing year! For those who are flying high, you will fly higher! For those who have begun their businesses, careers, love lives, finances, and healthy decisions, you will go further! For those who still need to find their way, you will be taking the first steps!

You will accomplish, step-by-step, all what you have set your mind to! But there is a catch! You have to acknowledge every little victories! Every ‘like’ on your social media, every smile from a client, every message from the loved one, every pointer on the scale. That is because the universe likes gratitude; and gratitude makes us turn away from the blinding selfishness, to clearly see every lit stepping stone in our path.

This is a new beginning, a new phase, a new you! So embrace it, and enjoy! For it will be a Happy New Year, indeed.