Once upon a tarot there was an old wise man. People looked up at him because he seemed to have the best answers to life. He seemed to have figured everything out. What they didn’t know was that The Magician used to be just like them. What made him be extraordinary was his own effort in learning, and time.

You cannot walk before you crawl, you cannot write before you know the alphabet. A tree had to be a seedling once; and before that, a seed. There is an order of progression in everything. The wisdom of The Magician is in knowing that. He once was a boy. He once was also an impulsive, inconsequential lad. He once was The Fool, in his naiveté youth.

The Fool’s fall in the abyss symbolizes our hardest lessons in life. They hurt deeply, as if deadly painful. But for those who can climb out of that abyss – and learn something from the pain – they get to be transformed inside. The Fool climbed out of the abyss as The Magician. If he couldn’t do that, he would have remained eternally a fool.

The Magician was all about transformation, it was all about alchemy. Our biggest alchemy is the transformation of ourselves. To gain knowledge is to transform yourself, and once transformed, you also transcend. You transcend the child you once were, you transcend other people’s expectation of you, you transcend your own previous limitations.

To transcend is also to have a fresh start, a new way of seeing things, a rebirth of sorts. The Magician manifested something new. Something he came to realize, a spark of an enlightened idea. This was very powerful. Transformations of any kind are very powerful.

It is funny that The Fool’s journey started with his fall into the abyss. He would only transcend into The Magician once he changed that situation, once he overcame his obstacles, once he climbed out of that pit. For that, he had to gain wisdom. And only then, would a spark of a new life be presented to him. But how long would that take? A lifetime? Look how old The Magician was.  Or better saying, how old THAT magician was because The Fool didn’t have to become THAT specific magician; he could have been just an apprentice. And The Magician, a wise man mirroring who The Fool could become, if he learned.


In Tarot, The Magician is numbered 1. He is the very beginning of something that will transmute. And so, he has the ability to manifest what he wants. He is the creator of new ideas. He is full of creativity, concentration, power, and brilliance.

This card indicates a fresh start, action, and learning. The willpower to change a situation. The beginning of something. It also indicates success; but be careful, The Magician is a trickster, a player, an illusionist. Depending on the card spread, it could mean that someone is playing with your heart.

Element: Air

Planet: Mercury