I think we are living in a wonderful time, really! If we look back in History and compare what people from other decades and centuries had to go through to simply survive, we might consider ourselves pretty lucky!

Of course there are still some countries struggling in the world, and even in our own society there is plenty to improve. But, I do not want to focus on economic issues here, rather I would like to have a look at how we have improved in terms of freedom of being.

The Middle Ages left a wake of fear, prejudice, and persecution in the western part of the world which, sincerely, took an awful long time to start to subside. In fact, not long ago people had to hide much of who they really were and what they really liked. So, when I see young people owning up to who they are, it makes me feel so proud of them!

Before social media existed, the world was pretty much a person’s bubble around his or her family and friends. At that time, ‘fitting in” often meant suppressing their curiosity outside the status quo. But then, thanks to a few who were brave enough to pop the bubbles of preconceptions, things began to change.

Those few brave ones inspired more and more people to pop their own bubbles, and that movement was important for us because it started shaping a more accepting society where people are given the freedom to be who they want to be. That is not only comfortable and fair, but crucial in helping us to find our life purpose. That is because once we are aligned with that which makes our heart fill with joy, and our soul sing, we are pretty much having an indication of the path we want to undertake in our lives.

For example, a volunteer in charity work can do it because he or she feels happy and fulfilled when doing charity. Now, someone who is doing charity work to ‘look good’ in the eyes of his or her congregation, will not feel real joy and fulfillment. That is not what they really want to be doing. So, doing something that comes from the heart – from a place within us – resonates with our life purpose. I guess this is the essence of the quote: “It is not something you do; it is something you are”.