A Tale of The High Priestess

As The Fool starts his journey through the Major Arcana, he soon finds himself in front of two opulent pillars. One has a small arrow carved into it, pointing to the right; and the other pillar, has an arrow pointing to the left.

The Fool realizes that he found a fork in the road and he is not sure which path to take. He notices, though, that between the pillars there is a huge mirror. As he approaches the mirror, he is taken aback at the reflection staring back at him. He expected to see his own reflection, but instead what was staring back at him was a cold eyed, veiled woman: The High Priestess.

Is he having a vision of her, or is it a reflection of his deepest self? The High Priestess is intuitive, knowledgeable, mysterious, and wise. How could that possibly be him?

The mirror suddenly and magically dissolves to reveal a woman holding a scroll in her hand . She is the same woman whom he saw in the mirror. She is The High Priestess, the gatekeeper to all ancient and sacred knowledge, and she will not allow anyone in who is not worthy.

To have access to the hidden secrets, The Fool would have to be open to new experiences in life, he would have to be willing to see what most people choose to ignore. He would have to learn to listen to his intuition, he would have to learn to make better choices, he would have find the path which leads to broader experiences in life and learn with them. In short, he would have to face his journey as a constant seek for knowledge. In a way, he will have to become The High Priestess. Or a version of her, his own version of her; which ultimately already lives in him, and he just needs to realize that. That is what his journey is all about: to find himself in the end, his true self. Until then, he is just The Fool.


The High Priestess represents our subconscious or inner self. She is our mysterious intuitive self. When this card comes up, maybe it is suggesting that you should listen more to your ‘gut feeling’.  She is the keeper of secrets and dreams, and this card can also indicate that someone doesn’t really want you to know what is truly going on. Can you sense that? But, depending on the other cards around this one, The High Priestess might be just suggesting that something will be revealed to you.

This card is also about the knowledge you have in your hands, or which you need to acquire or have acquired in life (remember that a card has several meanings, so you will always have to look at the spread around the card to see which of the meanings is the correct one).