Just think about it:  The first year of a new decade is just around the corner. People from the future will look back and say “Hey, in the 2020’s …”. So, I wonder what will 2020 bring. Surely something is brewing up with the planets because they have been slowly positioning themselves into a four planetary alignment (that will happen soon) which we haven’t seen in many, many, MANY years.

But hopefully we will get to that in due time, for now we will be focusing on you, Aries. More specifically the month of January 2020.

January starts with Jupiter in Capricorn for the whole year. It has been in its beloved Sagittarius throughout 2019, and now it gets into the serious, responsible, work oriented Capricorn – in your 10th house, which relates to work and career. Many of you will finally see the fruits of your hard work. You might have been troubled, anxious, or stressed with things being slow in the finance area. Maybe a product or service you have been providing didn’t quite show the results you wanted. But I have a feeling that 2020 will be the year that your work will finally be recognized. Your project, art, or enterprise will be valued.

That could also mean a promotion for some of you, or even a great business deal. Whichever way, the finances seem to be a promising area this year.

Another feature that seems to be highlighted during January is the passion that some of you have for social justice theme. While this is a great and noble thing, just be careful with arguments concerning politics. You could ask yourself if it is worth losing family, friends, and clients over political differences. This also counts for social media, because not only your family and friends are watching you there; but also are clients and business associates.

On January 3rd/4th (depending on your time zone, where you are in the world) Mars enters Sagittarius until mid-February. And for the month of January, it will happen in your 9th house which is the house of higher education, expansion, travel. You will possibly be meeting people from other tribes, other culture, other walks of life. This is a great thing to expand your vision of the world and see things through another angle. You might even start a romance with someone from another culture, another country. It is also a great time for you to declare your love for someone.

One very interesting feature of this month is a lunar eclipse that is happening on January 9th/10th in the sign of Cancer, in your 4th house. The 4th house is about family, home, stability. When an eclipse occurs, it is bringing with it life’s big events like birth and death, marriages and divorces, promotions and dismisses. This could very well mean that big events will happen in the core of your family structure. Maybe there will be news of pregnancy, engagements, and marriages. It could be that YOU will receive a marriage proposal! Maybe you will be moving homes, or building your own home.  Keep in mind that the energy of an eclipse lasts around 6 months. So these things could happen within the next 6 months.

January 13th/14th Venus enters Pisces in your 12th house. Now, the 12th house is about the subconscious, or higher mind. In fact, it is a very spiritual house. Venus is the goddess of love, beauty, and attraction. This could be a return of a past love. Meeting or reconnecting with your soulmate. Maybe you will find out that a “just friend” was your soulmate all along! For many of you, it will be an energy that will give you courage to pursue an unconventional relationship. That means “getting out of the closet”, embracing who you really are and setting you free to love who the damn you want with confidence and pride! And if you are in a relationship, pay attention to the balance in it. Are you receiving in equal proportion? Or, are you giving too much (love, respect, attention) without gaining much in return?

By the end of January, there is a great focus on your social life. This is a good time to reach out to old friends. They will like to hear from you! You will probably be meeting new people who will turn out to be great friends.

This will be a great month for you, Aries! With so many cool things going on in your life, how about giving back to the universe in the form of reaching out to other people? Maybe speaking up for your community, maybe volunteering in any way that will benefit a struggling neighborhood. Whichever way you choose, a helping hand is always a blessed one.

Here is the Youtube video for January 2020 reading with some more details added by the Tarot cards. Oh, and Happy New Year, Aries! 😊